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8 Channel New Frequency 2021

8 Channel New Frequency 2021 2018

Amos 7, 4°W

8 Channel
is encrypted again after being temporarily unencrypted on
TP : 12410.00MHz, pol.H SR:20833
FEC:7/8 SID:12 PID:4385[MPEG-4]/4386 Ukrainian (BISS).

Channel 8 officially began their broadcasting on 23 November 1963 as “Saluran 8 Television Singapura” and broadcasts in Chinese although the station also aired Tamil programmes at the time with the daily transmissions were subsequently extended to 5 hours on weekdays and 10 hours on weekends.

Its sister station Saluran 5 Television Singapura was launched on 2 April 1963 with a mix of Singapore English and Malay language programmes.

Following the separation from Malaysia in 1965, Channel 8 became part of Television Singapore, and later it was integrated as part of “Radio and Television Singapore (RTS)”. This led to many expansions including a move to the new $3.6 million Television Centre in Caldecott Hill on 27 August 1966.

Channel 8 begin colour television signal on 1 May 1974 and broadcast the first live colour telecast of the 1974 FIFA World Cup Final between West Germany and Netherlands via satellite on 7 July 1974.

Channel 8 was the first live colour television channel (along with Channel 5) to broadcast the National Day Parade in colour on August 9, 1974.

Channel 8 started their full-time colour broadcasts (along with Channel 5) on 1 November 1977. Two years later, the government policies regarding use of Chinese led to the use of pure Mandarin in all its programming.

Channel 8 on 1 February 1980 became part of the new Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) (Chinese: 新广第八波道), which replaced RTS.

Although its sister channel, Channel 5, became a full-fledged English channel on New Year’s Day 1994, Channel 8 continued broadcasting in Mandarin and Tamil until they commenced 24 hour broadcasts in 1995.

Channel 8 was the first channel to broadcast 24 hours a day on 1 September 1995 but Channel 5 commenced 24-hour broadcasts on September 29, 1995. At the same time, Tamil programmes were transferred to the newly renamed Prime 12 (now Suria).

Channel 8 was privatized on 12 February 2001 as TCS, along with STV12 became MediaCorp TV(Chinese: 新传媒电视第八波道).
Mediacorp Channel 8 or Channel 8 (Chinese: 8频道, Before 1 January 2005: 第八波道) is Singapore’s first free-to-air Mandarin television channel in Singapore. It is the first of two Singapore Mandarin over-the-air television channels in Singapore, with the other being Mediacorp Channel U.

It was created by Radio and Television Singapore (RTS) on 23 November 1963 as Singapore’s only Chinese-medium channel. From 6 May 2001 to 31 December 2004, it serves as an alternative Chinese channel to SPH MediaWorks Channel U. After SPH MediaWorks and Mediacorp merged on 1 January 2005, it now serves as a complementary to Mediacorp Channel U.

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