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BBTV HD New Biss Key

BBTV HD New Biss Key 2021

Thaicom 5 (78,5 BT)
Tp : 3835 H 8000 (C Band)
Mpeg4/Hd/Biss Sid: 0001
Biss : 24 68 22 00 22 97 53 00

BroadbandTV Corporation is a Canadian digital entertainment company founded by CEO Shahrzad Rafati in 2005. The company is the third largest video property in the world behind Google and Facebook,[1] with head offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

In addition to its network, the company provides end-to-end channel management and technology solutions for independent content creators and media companies to grow their presence on YouTube. Current clients include the NBA, FremantleMedia, and Sony Pictures.

In fall 2014, BroadbandTV opened offices in New York City, New York, to host the company’s branded entertainment division, which brokers deals between content creators and brands.[2] Further expansion has seen offices open in Brazil, India, France, and Japan.[3] Most recently, BBTV announced its 2017 expansion further into APAC regions including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt.

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