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Colombo TV (Sri Lanka) New Frequency 2021

Colombo TV (Sri Lanka) New Frequency 2021 2018

Hot Bird 13B, 13°E

A new channel has started in DVB-S Clear:
Colombo TV (Sri Lanka)
TP : 11470.00MHz, pol.V SR:27500
FEC:5/6 SID:3 PID:301/302.

Columbo is an American television series starring Peter Falk as Columbo, a homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department.[2][3] The character and show, created by Richard Levinson and William Link, popularized the inverted detective story format, which begins by showing the commission of the crime and its perpetrator; the plot therefore usually has no “whodunit” element, and instead revolves around how a perpetrator known to the audience will finally be caught and exposed (often referred to as a “howcatchem”).

Columbo is a shrewd but inelegant blue-collar homicide detective whose trademarks include his shambling manner, beige raincoat, cigar smoking, and frequently disheveled appearance. His suspects are often affluent members of high society who carefully cover their tracks. They are initially reassured by Columbo’s circumstantial speech and apparent absentmindedness, but become increasingly unsettled as his pestering behavior and formidable eye for detail lead him to tease out incriminating evidence. Ultimately, his relentless approach often leads to self-incrimination or a confession by the assailant.

Episodes of Columbo are between 73 and 98 minutes long, and have been broadcast in 44 countries. In 1997, “Murder by the Book”, directed by Steven Spielberg, was ranked No. 16 on TV Guide’s 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time[4] and in 1999, the magazine ranked Lt. Columbo No. 7 on its 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time list.[5][6] In 2012, the program was chosen as the third-best cop or legal show on Best in TV: The Greatest TV Shows of Our Time.[7] In 2013, TV Guide included it in its list of The 60 Greatest Dramas of All Time[8] and ranked it at #33 on its list of the 60 Best Series.[9] Also in 2013, the Writers Guild of America ranked it No. 57 in the list of 101 Best Written TV Series.

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