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Discovery Japan New PowerVu Key

Discovery Japan New PowerVu Key 2021

Discovery Japan
Intelsat 19 166.0°E
TP : 4080 V 30000
PowerVu Key :
P 0000 00 7E FD FC 82 78 FB AC
P 0000 01 26 44 C8 7A 93 60 B7

Discovery Channel’s previous taglines had been “Explore Your World” and “There’s No Thrill Like Discovery.” Keeping with its changing focus away from strictly educational programming toward reality TV, the slogan was changed in the early 2000s to “Entertain Your Brain”. The new tagline for the revamped Discovery Channel was “Let’s All Discover…”, with a continuing phrase or sentence that relates to a show. For example, when advertising for MythBusters, the commercial would end, “Let’s All Discover, Why No Myth Is Safe”. With the 2008 logo change came a new tagline: “The World is Just…Awesome.” The newest image promos include an unreleased mix of the song “Wonders Never Cease” by Morcheeba, from the album entitled The Antidote and the song “Typical” by Mutemath. Their most recent promo I Love the World, created by the 72andSunny agency, contains amended verses and the refrain from the traditional campfire song “I Love The Mountains”.

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