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Misr Al Oula HD (Egypt) New Frequency 2021

Misr Al Oula HD (Egypt) New Frequency 2021 2018

Nilesat 201, 7°W

A new channel has started in DVB-S Clear:
Misr Al Oula HD (Egypt) on
TP : 11765.84MHz, pol.H SR:27500
FEC:5/6 SID:502 PID:3002[MPEG-4] /3001 Arabic.

Al Aoula, also called TVM (Télévision marocaine, Arabic: التلفزة المغربية) is a Moroccan Public broadcasting station and the first television channel of SNRT. The station broadcasts in both Arabic, Berber and French. Its headquarters is situated in Rabat. Launched in 1962, Al Aoula was the first television network to produce and transmit its own programmes in the country. In 1962 it began transmitting color broadcasts. It had a monopoly on television audience until 1993, when SNRT satellite channels. Despite the broadening of television offerings, Al Aoula remains popular amongst locals

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