Channel TP

Property TV (United Kingdom) New Frequency 2021

Property TV (United Kingdom) New Frequency 2021 2018

Astra 2G, 28.2°E

Sky Digital:
Property TV (United Kingdom)
broadcasts in DVB-S Clear on
TP : 11582.25MHz, pol.H SR:22000
FEC:5/6 SID:52109 PID:2315/2314 English.

Overseas Property TV (or O’seasproperty as it appeared on the EPG) was a television channel broadcast in the United Kingdom and Ireland, on the Sky Digital and Freesat platforms. Used as a publicity vehicle for the MacAnthony Realty International group of companies owned by Darragh MacAnthony who is now the Chairman of Peterborough Football Club.

The channel was primarily targeted at UK and Ireland residents wishing to buy, sell and develop property abroad (particularly the Mediterranean region, Eastern Europe and Florida). The channel also offered programming about relocating to different countries, legal advice and property investment tips.

The channel closed in December 2008 and was removed from the Sky and Freesat EPG’s in January 2009. The Company was liquidated in 2009.

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