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Shakina Nayfack is an American actress and transgender activist.

She is most notable for her series regular role as Lola, a “trans-truther”, on the second and third seasons of the Hulu television program Difficult People, on which she is also a writing consultant.[1]

She previously appeared on the show The Detour, and in the 2014 film Death Drive.

Nayfack is a founding member and artistic director of New York’s Musical Theatre Factory, and her one-woman show Manifest Pussy was highly regarded by the Manhattan theater scene. In 2016, she took Manifest Pussy on tour in North Carolina in response to HB2.[2]

In 2013, Nayfack crowd-funded her gender confirmation surgery through a “Kickstart Her” campaign.[3]

In 2015, she received the Lilly Award, which supports women in the theater and promotes gender parity for theatrical productions, in the “working miracles” category.[4] Nayfack has also received the TRU Humanitarian Award from Theatre Resources Unlimited (2016)[5] and the Beatrice Terry Fellowship Award from the Drama League (2017).

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