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TRT World New Biss Key

TRT World New Biss Key 2021

TP : 10964 V 14170 DVB-S2 8PSK 5/6
SID:0x296D PMT:0x0025
SID:0x001C PMT:0x0C70
SID:0x001B PMT:0x0C6F
SID:0x0019 PMT:0x0C6D
Biss : 01 00 00 01 01 20 18 39

TRT World is a 24-hour international English-language news channel based in Istanbul, Turkey. It provides news and current affairs on television and online (including on mobile).

It is aimed at a worldwide market and is generally broadcast via satellite and cable operators. In addition to its Istanbul headquarters, TRT World has broadcast centres in Washington D.C., London, Mumbai, Singapore, Beijing, Islamabad, Bangkok, and Jakarta. TRT World is part of Turkey’s public broadcaster, the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, and is a member of the Association for International Broadcasting.

A stated objective of TRT World is to provide news that elicits a change in viewer thought patterns.[1] One of TRT World’s aims is to make the public in other nations more amenable to Turkish regime, leading to some commentators categorising it as a propaganda channel.
In addition to those listed below, TRT World runs various once-off documentaries. Current programmes on the channel are:

Beyond the game

A daily sport show focusing on the biggest games and stars around the world

Money Talks

A daily finance programme hosted by Azhar Sukri, featuring TRT World’s Editor at Large, Craig Copetas with in-depth reports and analysis,


Hosted by David Foster. Roundtable is a discussion programme where guests debate and analyzing the news in-depth.


A daily arts and culture show focusing on the global culture scene.[3]

The Newsmakers

The Newsmakers, hosted by Imran Garda is TRT World’s flagship current affairs programme, featuring in-depth reports and interviews with the drivers of the biggest stories of the week.



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