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Tv Brasil New Biss Key

Tv Brasil New Biss Key Frequency 2021

Tv Brasil
SES 6 at 40.5°W
TP : 4054 L 7500 8PSK
Biss : 30 11 20 61 17 30 11 58

TV Brasil is a Brazilian public television network owned by Empresa Brasil de Comunicação. Its main headquarters are in Brasília, DF and Rio de Janeiro, RJ, with subsidiaries in São Paulo, SP and in São Luís, MA, as well as 21 states where its affiliated broadcasters operate, all components of the Rede Pública de Televisão.
TV Brasil affiliated stations broadcast four hours a day of regional programing. It also broadcast Brazilian films and programs made by other public television channels. The programming of is divided into five daily streams: children, animation, audio-visual, citizenship and sports.

Franklin Martins, Secretary of Social Communication, has commented that TV Brasil’s programming is not yet fully prepared and may suffer from late changes. Martins also said he wished to use public opinion polls to determine the programming.

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